Extermination and Restoration for Taxidermy

Another service provided by Wildlife Art Creations

Repair Insect Damage

The insects that infest taxidermy are commonly found in the environment around us. Taxidermy simply provides an appealing home for the insects to exist. Most infestations have little to do with the quality of the taxidermy work, but is more dependent on exposure to the infesting insects that enter the taxidermy from the outdoors, or can be brought indoors on clothing, furniture, textiles and rugs. Typically the first indication would be loose hair or hair loss. This is usually combined with insect debris in and around the taxidermy. Infestation is usually noticeable around horn, antler, hoof and claw areas and between the taxidermy and hard surfaces like walls and habitat. View Tony's Insect Repair Video below.

  • Are you finding insect damage on your priceless hunting trophies?
  • Are you finding insect parts or material that looks like sawdust in or around your mounts?
  • Do you know there is a naturally based solution to stop insect damage?
  • Does your man cave of Taxidermy need some cleaning, renewal and protection?

We offer services for all your needs in exterminating products, mount protection and prevention products. These treatments kill insects within seconds of direct contact and generally protect taxidermy for a year or more. The product will kill indirectly but, must be wrapped in plastic to contain the vapors in the taxidermy for at least four hours to kill 100% of the insects (regardless of life-cycle stage).

Mount Protector

  • The best insect deterrent, cleaner and natural shine products available
  • Completely compatible with ears and eyes
  • All chemicals used leave a pleasant odor and specifically designed for use on Taxidermy

Horn Repair

Wildlife Art Creations offers trophy repair for taxidermy that has fallen from its former glory. Broken and/or lost Horns and Antlers can be fabricated, reattached, and blended with amazing accuracy to original condition. Split ear tips can be repaired to again look and feel as they once did. Faded hides, horns and antlers can be restored to their original coloration with a natural, life-like shine that will restore their majestic beauty.