Wildlife Art Creations

Wildlife Art Creations by Tony and Leslie Breedlove is a full service custom Taxidermist located in Melrose, Florida. Since 1984, we have specialized in preserving your trophies with the latest techniques and forms in the business. Our work is proudly displayed at many local establishments and private collections throughout Northeast Florida. If you are looking for a reliable Taxidermist known for quality, customized, wildlife art, look no further.

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I personally would not recommend any other taxidermist. I mean this with all sincerity. I drive almost six hours to get there.

Adam M. Haynes - South Florida

If you’re looking for a trophy that will last a lifetime, don’t shortchange yourself on the front end by choosing less. Wildlife Art Creations is my exclusive taxidermist now that I know and see the difference! 

Gregg Eason

Wildlife Art Creations has mastered the art of taxidermy. Their work makes your trophy look so alive in every detail.

Major Harding

Tony and Leslie's taxidermy is unsurpassed. I have used them exclusively for over twenty years. The trophies are wildlife art, life-like and beautiful. They are the greatest and are good people. 

Gordon Vines

I have had several whitetails mounted over the years, of which Tony did one.  Hands down his is the most realistic, life-like mount of the bunch.

James A. Cranford, CCIM

Y'all certainly made at least one person very happy today. Thank you!

John Allen

Many thanks for doing such a wonderful job on my deer and moose mounts.   The buck is handsome and fits in well in our study.  [Their] attention to detail and artistic ability to make him come to life is truly impressive. 

Eric Jokela

The buck looks fantastic thanks to all of your hard work.  The buck, stump and pedestal base all look incredible and are more than I could envision.

Mike Dixon

[Their] attention to detail in creating a life-like mount is the reason. They are my only choice for preserving the memories to last a lifetime

Bob Wood